7 Ideas to Make Graduation Memorable

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Early Childhood Graduation – An important milestone.

Graduation from preschool or kindergarten can be the first major milestone in a young child’s life. Making it memorable for the kids and parents requires a little planning, but it’s definitely worth the rewards.

Graduation Place & Time
Set a time that is convenient for parents & grandparents. Evening is probably the easiest for most. If you choose to have it during the day make sure to give plenty of notice.
Choose a location that will comfortably seat all your guests, and make the children feel extra special. Something with a stage like a high school auditorium, local gymnasium or even church are great options. If you hold it at your school or center make sure to create a formal stage area where the kids can easily be seen by all audience members.

Graduation Invitations
Although the simplest way to get the word out would be a newsletter or note to parents, a fun option is to create an invitation. Let the kids help make them. They can be as simple as construction paper, or as formal as a printed invitation. You can choose your colors and backgrounds, or you can even have the kids draw the design and create a custom invitation.

Graduation Decorations
This is a BIG day, make sure to decorate in a big way. This is especially important if you are holding it at your school or center. Transform your space so the children feel extra special. Use balloons, streamers, banners, arches or even a graduation complete prop set!

Graduation Attire
Wearing something special affirms the momentous occasion. Graduation caps and gowns for little ones are always a hit. If you’re looking for a more cost effective option, consider caps and tassels, graduation t-shirts, or cardboard hats.  Make sure to teach them to toss their caps on cue!

Graduation Ceremony
Plan your ceremony to be entertaining, informational, fun and interactive. Some options include; An opening speech by a teacher, a song or two sung by the graduates, reading of a special graduation poem or story, have each child say a favorite memory from their time with you, or what they want to be when they grow up, display some of their artwork or projects, hand out a diploma and/or favor gift, final song, tossing of the hats.

Graduation Keepsakes & Gifts
Make the day extra special with graduation keepsakes, like diplomas, graduation pins or charms, graduation bears, ribbons, bracelets or wristbands or graduation class rings.

Graduation Memories
Finally make sure you preserve the memories of the special day for the children. If you have the resources try to get a photo of each child accepting their award or diploma, and a group shot of all the graduates with teachers. You can then give them to each child in a special frame, or invite parents to order them.

Your little graduates will have this memory of their first graduation forever. Making it special has many positive results. It will create treasured memories, happy families and possibly help you promote your center.