6 Ways to Use Backpacks in Your Classroom

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Backpacks are all the rage with kids. When they go on sale, you can get them for a steal! It’s a great time to nab them up and use for a special event or fundraiser. Imprinted with your school name, mascot, event theme, or fundraising logo, backpacks can be used in so many ways!

So here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Back-to-school Favors. Fill with some school supplies and hand them out to students at registration, open house or on the first day of school.
  2. Holiday/Party Gifts. Holidays or celebrations are a great time to give your students a little something from you. Imprint a special message and fill with some special goodies for a truly memorable and useful gift.
  3. School Fundraiser. Imprint your school name, mascot, logo or theme and sell them in your school store, lunchroom or at special events to raise funds for your class or school. (Example; purchase 200 @ $1.99 each. Sell for $5.00 each, profit=$602)
  4. Special Event Fundraiser. Need to raise funds for a special project? A new piece of playground equipment? A new computer for the lab? Drama supplies for the drama club? Whatever your project an inexpensive backpack is a great way to raise funds fast. Imprint with your message and sell them to make a fast profit.
  5. Class Project. Does your class or school do a charity project at holiday time or back-to-school time? These inexpensive backpacks could be filled with school supplies, or donations of any sort and given to a homeless shelter or group that helps support the community.
  6. Prizes & Incentives. Let’s face it, kids are easily swayed. Dangle a cool backpack and they come running. Fill it with goodies and use as academic or athletic awards, incentives for school fundraisers, good attendance awards, honor roll gifts. the possibilities are endless.

Whatever you do with backpacks, it’s sure to be a success. The kids love them and you can’t beat the price!