3 Progress Report Ideas

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Most of us probably dread Progress Report time. They are time consuming and distract from our daily duties. But they are an integral part of early childhood education. Parents count on them, children learn from them and teachers plan with them. Potential problems or areas of concern can be caught and tracked with progress reports and parents have something fun to hang on their refrigerator or slip into a scrapbook.

Here are three ideas for progress reports that will help make your job a little bit easier. Some are free downloads, others are very inexpensive.

Ready-to-use Progress Reports

These Progress Reports are bright and colorful making them interesting for child interaction and involvement. Available for ages 2 through Kindergarten, they have a comprehensive age-specific category list, and are budget-friendly ways to keep track of how your students are doing.

Downloadable Progress Reports

Several websites offer free downloadable progress reports. Check them out first to make sure the report covers the areas you prefer.

Make Your Own Progress Reports

Use stickers, photos and examples of the child’s work. On each example write a short note for the parent, highlight strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth. You may also want to attach ribbons or certificates for some extra kudos!

Progress Reports are an important measuring tool. Whatever style you choose, make each one personal. Acknowledge strengths, admirable character traits, and accomplishments, and keep in mind that these little reports will probably spend many many years in someone’s scrapbook or memory box.