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Shiny Deluxe Graduation Set With Hood

In this Deluxe Shiny Graduation Set With Hood, your little graduate will look perfectly put together and be ready for graduation day photo ops. The graduation apparel set includes a shiny-finish, expandable size graduation cap that includes space inside to write a child's name, a washable, 100% polyester, child-size graduation gown with a full-zip front, a junior-size tassel, a brass year charm, and a 32" long satin graduation hood that drapes over the shoulders and hangs down in a long V-shape in the back and a short V-shape in the front. Let each graduate keep their cap, tassel, and charm as graduation mementos, and reuse the gowns and hoods over again for concerts, play time, or programs at your school or center.
  • Small 36-45 inches
  • Medium 46-49 inches
  • Large 50-53 inches.
  • Extra Large 54-57 inches