Positive Reinforcement Makes a Lasting Impression

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Contributed by Shaalom S., Principal, Lake Charles, LA

In this day and age we are constantly hearing negative reports about the state of education in our country.  But as a proud member of the education field I can tell you that there are many positive changes taking place in America’s schools.

As educators it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the negativity and forget to focus on the positive-the students who depend on us everyday!  It is imperative that we constantly reinforce and reward the positive contributions that our students make daily.

Many times teachers think that you must methodically plan your student rewards, but there are many incentives that you can use for on-the-spot rewards.  One of the easiest on-the-spot rewards are pretty pencils.  Elementary students love a new shiny pencil!  At www.alphabetu.com you can purchase beautiful pencils in bulk that you can always have on hand to reward a student immediately.  Other items that can be purchased in bulk include stickers, ribbons, and certificates.  These items are all affordably priced at www.alphabetu.com and make excellent reward items.  Nothing brings a smile to a child’s face then receiving recognition for a job well done!  Every child does something worth rewarding and many times it is the on-the-spot rewards that make a lasting impression.