Ideas to Celebrate Teachers

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Contributed by Ashley D., Teacher, White Lake, MI

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming, and let’s be honest, what teacher doesn’t LOVE being pampered just a little bit!  This year, why not go all out and really spoil the teachers in your child’s school!

There are so many great ways that students can show their appreciation to their teachers!  Books, mugs, candy, classroom supplies, lapel pins, and special cards and notes with kind words are all great ways for students to show teachers they are loved!  I know that I always appreciate getting school spirit items as well; t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and other items with the school name or logo are a big hit!

Be creative!  In the school I work in, Teacher Appreciation Week is NOT something taken lightly!  Each day during the week, teachers are given little “perks” to remind them how important their jobs are! From specialty coffee being delivered, to 10 minute professional massages being given teachers are pampered!

The parents always host a luncheon for the teachers, and each day the students present the teachers with various gifts like the ones listed above!

When teachers feel appreciated, it is amazing how much more passionate they become about their jobs!  Spoiling your child’s teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week is a win win!  Be sure to check out  for all of your Teacher Appreciation needs!