Make Memories Last with Yearbooks from Anderson’s

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Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to create a yearbook for your kids? Helping them preserve precious and priceless memories is a gift you can give them that will last years to come.

Now it’s more possible than ever! Anderson’s Yearbooks are easy, affordable and fun! Using “Stages” software (free when you order yearbooks) you can create your yearbook your way. The software is easy to follow and allows you complete control. Keep it simple or get wildly creative, it’s your call.

Use snapshots, professional photographs, and even the kid’s artwork, to create your one-of-a-kind yearbook. Fun graphics and easy editing tools allow you to create a professional looking book. Parents will appreciate the keepsake of beautiful memories and important milestones that can be treasured for a lifetime, and the affordable price makes it easy for everyone to enjoy.

People that have tried Anderson’s Yearbooks have said:

“The software is easy to use”

“So many beautiful graphics to choose from!”

“The books are reasonably priced”

“Books are a great marketing tool for the center – a “perk” offered that other centers don’t offer.”

“Captured precious memories such as visits from Santa, Easter Bunny, Pirate Day, Recess activities etc.”

“Left parents feeling proud of the daycare or preschool choice they made for their child.”

“Can’t wait to produce their next book through Andersons!”

“Anderson’s was a great company for the yearbooks for my school. We are a daycare and we run around 100 kids full time so I thought it would be nice to have a yearbook for the center since my son was in the graduating class. We did it just like you see in high school…we asked them their favorite color, food, toy, pass time, etc. It was a great experience for me, as a parent/volunteer staff member, to see the process of putting these memories together for the parents to enjoy. My yearbook consultant, Andrea, was SUPER and always there to lend a helping hand when I needed her. One of the most impressive things about Anderson’s Yearbooks is that they are a great quality and they make them so reasonably priced that, as a school, we were able to keep the price of the books low so that all of the families could afford them. This has been a great marketing tool to use as a “perk” benefit of choosing our childcare center compared to the others AND it also provides the parents the opportunity to capture their child’s early childhood education memories in a book. Parents can’t be with their children 24/7 because they have to work so the fact that we were able to make a yearbook of their children and captured moments such as circle time, activities, visits from Santa, to the Easter Bunny, Pirate Day, recess, etc made our parents proud to be a Milestones Learning Center parent and happier than ever. A special thank you, on behalf of all the parents, to Anderson’s for making this experience possible!”

“When we first got the post card about Anderson’s Yearbooks it was almost looked over. After calling and getting information from Jackie Day we were hooked. Anderson’s Yearbooks was so easy to use and really let me (the user) have total creative control. The number of options for the graphics, background, text styles, and so much more was numerous and awesome. I could have spent so much more time just playing with the different options. It was an amazing experience that the staff and parents loved. I can’t wait to work with Anderson’s Yearbooks again!”

Check out Anderson’s Yearbooks and start capturing the memories that they can treasure forever!

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