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Mid-level Reader Book - Stella Batts Needs a New Name

Early to mid-level readers will love this fun book, Stella Batts Needs a New Name, featuring a loveable character they can relate to. The first book of the Stella Batts series by Courtney Sheinmel, this engaging story introduces readers to 8 year old Stella Batts, who decides to change her name after being called "Smella" by a classmate. But, she soon finds out that choosing a new name isn't so easy, and that sometimes it's better just to be who you are. This engaging book is perfect for your classroom reading nook or school library. Kids will love reading about a character their own age with an issue they can relate to, presented in easy, age-appropriate language. The 160-page book is available in hardcover or paperback and is recommended for grades 1-3.