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Mid-level Reader Book - Crossing the Deadline

A wonderful supplement to your unit on the Civil War and a great lesson in American History, this mid-level reader book, Crossing the Deadline, is both educational and entertaining. It tells the story of Stephen, a teenager during the Civil War era. After his father passes away, Stephen, his mother, and his brother are sent to live with a cruel uncle. Stephen's brother enlists to fight for the Union and help support the family. Stephen, an accomplished bugler in the town band, is offered the chance to enlist as Colonel Eli Lilly's personal bugler. As the war drags on, Stephen witnesses the consequences of slavery, is sent to a Confederate prison camp, and survives a shipwreck. Based on historical facts and characters, this story captures the essence of the Civil War era and is an engaging read for your mid level readers. Available in paperback or hardcover, the 384-page book is recommended for grades 4-7.