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Early Reader Book - Delia's Dull Day

How many times do parents and teachers hear kids say, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do? "Author and illustrator Andy Myer presents this Delia's Dull Day Early Reader Book, a fun and engaging story young readers, parents, and teachers can particularly relate to. The main character is Delia, who thinks her life is dull and boring, but that's just because she's not paying attention. If she were, she would see all the fantastic things happening around her - like elephants marching through her house, a pirate sitting behind her on the school bus, or a submarine in her backyard pool. With colorful and engaging illustrations and easy language, this book brings to life all the wonderful possibilities that we might experience if only we would pay attention. The hardcover book measures 9" x 11" and makes a wonderful addition to your classroom reading area. Recommended for preschool through grade 3.