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Beginning Reader Book Set

This Beginning Reader Book Set from Cherry Blossom Press is designed to educate, entertain, and engage the earliest readers and set them up for a lifetime of reading success. All books are rated at an A reading level and utilize phonics with short-vowel sounds and simple consonant combinations to introduce little ones to reading. Books use sight words, repetition, and supporting art to build recognition and confidence.  Watch your new readers blossom with this convenient 12-book set! Set includes the following titles: Beth's Basketball Game (ISBN 9781534128620) Buzz Plays Soccer (ISBN 9781534128637) Jump in the Pool (ISBN 9781534128644) Sam and Jen Get a Pet (ISBN 9781534123984) Pig (ISBN 9781534123946) Dog (ISBN 9781534123960) Cat (ISBN 9781534123953) Seeing Red (ISBN 9781534123908) Seeing Tan (ISBN 9781534123939) Seeing Black (ISBN 9781534123922) Mud on the Van (ISBN 9781534123991) Tim and His Bat (ISBN 9781534124011)