100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days

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100th Day Celebration Kit Celebrate 100 Days – 100 Ways!

The 100th day of school will be here before you know it. Do you have plans to celebrate? Give your kids a sense of accomplishment and pride by celebrating this important day in the school year. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve come up with 100 ways to celebrate.

  1. Sing 100 songs!
  2. Do 100 jumping jacks.
  3. List 100 healthy snacks.
  4. Choose a local park, museum, or historical building that is 100 years old, as a class research it and/or visit it.
  5. List 100 books you have read collaboratively.
  6. Write a 100 word story or poem.
  7. List 100 new words to learn.
  8. Plant 100 seeds.
  9. Hand out 100 Days Smarter Ribbons.
  10. Run a 100 yard dash.
  11. Write a story starting with; “One hundred years from now…..”
  12. Learn to say 100 in another language.
  13. Learn 100 vocabulary words.
  14. Go on a nature hike and collect 100 items. Then bring them back to class and create a piece of art, or story around them.
  15. Write 100 letters or post cards to service men & women, or to children in another state or country.
  16. Make 100 snowflakes to decorate your room.
  17. Make a classroom quilt with 100 squares.
  18. List 100 flavors of ice cream, either real, or invented. Then celebrate with an ice cream social.
  19. Make silly glasses out of construction paper or tag board using the zeros in 100 as the eye holes.
  20. Challenge students to perform 100 acts of kindness. Keep a classroom tally.
  21. Create 100 legs for a bulletin board centipede. Use two different colors, on one have them write one thing they have learned, on the other one thing they want to learn.
  22. Create a piece of art using 100 toothpicks and 100 gum drops.
  23. Invite someone who is 100 years old to visit the classroom.
  24. Invite someone who is 100 days old to visit the classroom.
  25. Challenge children to make as many words as possible using the letters in ONE HUNDRED
  26. Search magazines and newspapers for the number 100.
  27. Tell 100 jokes.
  28. Color and wear 100th day Hats.
  29. Make homemade bubbles, and challenge each student to blow 100 bubbles.
  30. List 100 things you’ve learned so far this year.
  31. Everyone bring in 100 of something…paper clips, marbles, cotton balls, etc.
  32. Everyone bring in 100 coins, as a class count the money and choose a charity to donate it to, or use it to buy a much-needed classroom item.
  33. Make a list of 100 important dates in history
  34. Make a list of 100 influential people in history
  35. Trace 100 feet from students, staff and teachers at school. Color and cut out, then hang them along the wall in the entrance hallway. Or create a path on the floor with them.
  36. Collect 100 food items to donate to a food shelf.
  37. Collect 100 pencils to donate to a children’s charity.
  38. Collect 100 hats, or pairs of mittens for a local shelter.
  39. Create a classroom poster using 100 colors, or 100 shapes.
  40. Brainstorm a list of 100 round objects. (or square, triangle or rectangle)
  41. Challenge students to make up 100 word or number problems with 100 in them.
  42. Ask each child to list 100 words they know how to read or spell.
  43. Read the book “One Hundred is a Family” by Pam Munoz Ryan.
  44. Make necklaces with yarn and 100 beads, pieces of cereal, pasta or candy.
  45. Count to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 20’s.
  46. Count to 1000, 10,000, or 100,000 by 100’s.
  47. Estimate what the date will be in 100 days, then see who is closest.
  48. Challenge kids to list 100 words that start with C. (the roman numeral for 100)
  49. Read the book “One Hundred Hungry Ants” by Eleanor Pinczes.
  50. List 100 opposites.
  51. Hand out 100th Day of School Pencils.
  52. Send 100 pictures or cards to a local nursing home.
  53. Make a paper chain of 100 paper links.
  54. Find 100 important people in newspapers and magazines and cut them out.
  55. Find 100 things you’d like to learn more about in magazines and newspapers.
  56. Learn a game children played 100 years ago.
  57. Think of something nice to say to 100 people at school.
  58. Challenge kids to find out what a group of 100 parrots, 100 whales, 100 skunks, or 100 lions is called.
  59. Ask each student to write 100 on a piece of drawing paper and incorporate the numeral into a drawing.
  60. Have kids put 100 words in alphabetical order.
  61. Ask students to find out who was president of the United States 100 years ago.
  62. Challenge students to think of as many addition problems as they can with a sum of 100.
  63. Can students predict 100 things that will be invented during the next 100 years?
  64. Play a game. The first child begins, “I went to the zoo and I saw one giraffe.” The second child continues, “I went to the zoo and I saw one giraffe and two bears.” Can students reach 100?
  65. Ask children to guess which container — of pennies, golf tees, jelly beans, thumbtacks, etc. — has 100 in it.
  66. Have kids write their names using 100 paper dots.
  67. Read the book “I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words” by Michael Frith.
  68. With kids, make a 100th day snack mix, using 100 raisins, 100 chocolate candies, 100 pieces of cereal, 100 peanuts, 100 pretzels, etc.
  69. Ask kids to estimate which weighs more 100 rubber bands or 100 paper clips and check their estimates.
  70. List 100 ways to improve our Earth.
  71. As a group, write 100 compound words.
  72. Create a treasure hunt with 100 clues for your class to follow.
  73. Challenge your class to read 100 books.
  74. With your students, create a mural showing what school was like 100 years ago, what it’s like today, and what it will be like 100 years from now.
  75. Ask each child to finish the sentence, “One hundred is an important number because.”
  76. List 100 ways to be kind to others.
  77. Survey 100 students to find out their favorite 100th-day activity. Show the results in a chart.
  78. Collect 100 buttons, and have kids categorize them according to shape, size, number of holes, etc.
  79. Have each student finish the sentence, “If I had $100, “
  80. Have small groups of students flip a coin 100 times and record the results in a table or graph.
  81. List 100 ways you could help someone.
  82. Help each child write the numeral 100 with glue and sprinkle it with glitter.
  83. Have a beanbag toss. Who can score 100 first?
  84. List 100 kind words or deeds.
  85. Challenge students to collect 100 autographs.
  86. As a class project, make a solar system mural with 100 stars.
  87. On separate index cards, write the numerals 1 through 100. Shuffle the cards, and have children put the numerals in order.
  88. Color 100th Day of School Pennants. 100th Day Pennant
  89. Ask each child to bring to school one thing that represents 100 — a $1 bill, a 100-watt light bulb, a picture of an athlete wearing number 100, and so on.
  90. Ask each student to finish the sentence, “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 100 times.”
  91. Cutouts 100 hearts and have students write one thing they love about school on each heart. String them from your ceiling.
  92. Challenge each child to complete a 100-piece puzzle.
  93. Read the book, “One Hundred Shoes” by Charles Ghigna
  94. Make a hallway poster with 100 handprints.
  95. Solve 100 Math Problems.
  96. Play 100 games.
  97. Find 100 cities on a map and learn about them.
  98. Give each child $100 in play money and hold an auction for trinkets, favors or fun projects.
  99. Create a new alphabet of 100 letters instead of 26. Have students design the letters and share what they would sound like.
  100. End the day with 100 seconds of silence.