Make a School Year Memory Book

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Memory Book Craft Project
As the year winds down kids love to reflect on all they’ve done and all they’ve learned. Help them preserve those memories with a Memory Book they make themselves!


  • Paper for pages (at least 4-6 per child)
  • Craft supplies: markers, crayons, scissors, glue
  • Stickers or other embellishments
  • Any photos, craft projects, or work the children have done throughout the year
  • Cover materials: any of the following would work well:
  • Construction paper or card stock (two pieces per child)
  • 3-ring Binder or folder for securing the pages.
  • A Custom Book Cover to use over a binder or notebook.


Start by having the kids write a word or phrase at the top of each page to guide them; these could also be printed ahead of time.

Some examples:

Memory Books

  • Field Trips
  • Science Projects
  • Art Projects
  • Friends
  • A Fun Day
  • A Silly Memory
  • Autographs
  • A message from my teacher (or Mrs.________)

Then go to work, have the kids write or draw on each page. If you have pictures or projects from the year they can include those.

Make your cover with a hole punch and some yarn or string, or you could simply staple them together.

You get a fun activity to fill those last few days of school, and the kids get a great keepsake!

How do you help your kids remember their school year?