Simple and Fun Ideas for Early Childhood

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Contributed by Susan S., Teacher, Brewster, KS

While skimming through the new Anderson’s catalog last week, I came across some craft cutouts that were exactly what I had been looking for.  They carry cutouts of caterpillars, butterflies, fish and kids all at a reasonable price.  I plan to use the caterpillars and butterflies in our study of the butterfly life cycle—they tie in perfectly!  Each can be decorated in endless ways, from crayons to food coloring.  Thanks, Anderson’s, for the answer to my search!

Another great Anderson’s product that will be coming in handy toward the end of the school year is thecustomizable t-shirt.  You are able to design the front and get the color you want.  I plan to use these for the end of the year field trip.  With each student on the trip wearing the same bright color, they will be easy to identify as a group.  All this at a reasonable price! 

Thanks, Anderson’s!