Creative Stamping with Kids

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Ink Stamps If you’re like most teachers, you are always on the lookout for simple craft activities for your kids. Stamping is one of our favorites because it’s easy to prepare for, and the kids can get as creative as their little hearts desire!

You can designate a project or just give them the stamps and paper and see what they create. Here are a few project ideas we came up with:

Greeting Cards

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thank You notes for classroom volunteers, Birthday cards for teachers or classmates, or cards for any Holiday. Use paper or cardstock and a variety of stamps.


Stamp Rollers


Stamped Photo Frames

Use blank Paper Frames and let the kids customize their own frame with stamps! Then add their picture for a fun end-of-the year take home gift.

Class Tree

Instead of a Family Tree make a Class Tree! Use a large sheet of paper and let each child decorate a branch with stamps and their name. This makes a great classroom decoration.




Stamp Roller Story Book

Have each child create their own picture book using stamps and drawings. Blank Little Books are perfect for this project. Encourage them to tell the story with pictures. Or write a class story book. A Story Book Kit like this would be great for this project. Together you can come up with the story line, then have the children decorate the pages. 

School Journal

Start with Blank Little Books, kids can decorate their own journals with stamps and draw pictures of activities they do each day.

Classroom Quilt

Start with a Classroom Quilt Kit, kids can decorate their own square with stamps, drawings and their name. Display on your wall for the whole year.


Have you done any fun projects using stamps? We would love to hear about them!