Creative Crafts for Little Hands

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Natural Kraft Lunch Bag Save Time and $$ on Crafts Projects! All You Need Are Crayons!

Crafts are a great way to let children express their creativity. They also help with hand and eye coordination, stimulate both sides of the brain and promote self esteem in your kids.

If you’re looking for easy craft ideas that don’t require a lot of planning or materials, we have solutions for you! Anderson’s craft projects come with all materials needed except for crayons or markers for coloring. If you’re on a budget, but still want your students to create and decorate the classroom with their artwork – no problem! These great craft projects are easy, fun and affordable.

Classroom Quilt Everyday Crafts
Classroom Quilt Craft
Kraft Lunch Bag
Ready-to-make Hats



Holiday Tree Craft Kit Holiday Crafts
Turkey Craft Set
Snowman Kit
Holiday Tree Craft Kit




When you are stuck for ideas and have limited materials, what are your go-to craft projects?