20 Ways to Use Award Pins

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Star Student Pin Award Pins serve many purposes. They help to recognize student participation and achievement. They promote good behavior and positive habits. They create pride and self confidence in kids. Mascot or school pins can be used as fundraisers, school promotion, school spirit, or thank-you gifts, and subject specific pins make every award personal and meaningful. Most importantly, in the real world of limited budgets and funding cuts, Pins are an affordable way to celebrate successes and promote positive behaviors.


Kindness Pin When kids begin to view pins as collectibles, they strive harder to “earn” them, creating positive results all around.


We’ve compiled a list of 20 ways to use pins in your school or classroom. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We challenge you to read this list and come up with new ideas for ways to use these budget-friendly tools.

  1. Attach to sashes, caps or clothing for a special touch at Graduation Spelling Pin
  2. Send Award Pins home in an envelope with a note, for an extra special touch of recognition
  3. Use Pins to inspire achievement and good behavior by turning them into collectors items. Kids will compete to collect them.
  4. Use Pins as everyday or “on the spot” rewards
  5. Hand out pins at conferences, to make sure parents see the rewards, and reinforce positive behavior and achievements
  6. Pins make great prizes for your annual Spelling Bee or Spell-a-thon
  7. Write a personal message to your students on an index card or piece of cardstock, and attach the pin. Character Counts Pin
  8. Create a Classroom Pin Tree. Attach various pins for spelling, reading, math, attendance, etc. When a student reaches a goal or achievement, let them pick a pin from the tree.
  9. Teach kids about teamwork and school spirit with paw and mascot pins
  10. Use pins to help promote your school at special events in your school or community
  11. Include a mascot pin in a welcome kit for new students and staff
  12. Sell mascot pins in your school store to raise money for field trips or special activities
  13. Give every teacher or staff a pin every spring, as a thank you for another successful year. Watch over time as teachers grow their collections.
  14. Create “Thank You Kits” for classroom volunteers. Include gift cards, treats and award pins. 4th Grade Graduate Pin
  15. Come up with a citizenship project for your whole class, or school. When complete, celebrate with a party and award pins for everyone.
  16. Holding a School Carnival or Family Fun Night? Use pins as prizes to promote school pride.
  17. Create Custom Award Pins with your school name, mascot, logo or colors. Set a goal for each student and reward them with a school pin.
  18. Create a community or parent pride kit to sell at school and community events. Or hand them out at Open House, Parent’s Night or Conferences. Include a calendar of your school’s yearly events, a Custom Pin, a school t-shirt, water bottle or spirit items. Reading Award Pin
  19. Hold a “Graduation” ceremony at the end of the school year, no matter what grade you teach. Celebrate with graduation Award Pins.
  20. Celebrate the end of a Math unit or Reading challenge with award pins for all the participants.

Anderson’s has a vast selection of Award Pins for any celebration or success you might need. You can also create Custom Pins that are unique to your class or school. This is a list of some of the most popular categories of Award Pins:


What ideas do you have to use pins in your school or classroom?